I don’t know everything, and I am who I am because I’m standing “on the shoulders of giants. I believe everyone should read at least 15 minutes per day. Fill your mind and heart with motivating, inspiring, and powerful messages.

This is a collection of books, sites, articles, and podcasts that have influenced me positively enough that I want to share them with others! I hope you find them as valuable as I have!

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Get ready for the “Dad Edge”

Having had no example to learn from, Larry Hagner, Founder of the “Good Dad Project” Podcast and Facebook Group dives deep into his experience as a father, husband, and man navigating the toughest but most rewarding title a man can hold: “Dad”.  Whether you want to work on mastering work/life balance, improving your patience, or need practical tips on how to connect with your spouse with the boys around (he’s got 4!), Larry has you covered!

Need to Make a Change?

A powerful book that breaks down the latest science of changing behaviors and habits. Immediately useful and amazingly applicable to personal and professional settings, it’s a great read that takes very technical information and makes it accessible. 

The Only Sales Book I’d Ever Recommend

A practical read that will help you approach the sales of your business in a way that will allow you to sleep well at night. Mahan does a great job outlining and giving examples of how to qualify resources, overcome objections, and to make the sales process itself valuable to both you and your buyer.

An Ode To Manhood

A collection of stories, essays, poems, and speeches arranged by all the subjects closest to a man’s heart. War, religion, politics, business, love, fatherhood, and family. It’s all here, the wisdom of the men who came before us. Amazing for morning reflection.

Need to Be Fathered?

Piggybacking off of his previous book Wild at Heart, John Eldridge takes us through his own journey of manhood and doing so guides us further on our own. The cowboy, the warrior, the lover, the king, and the sage — all are archetypes that live within you and all are an important part of being a man, husband, and father. 

Achieve Mastery

We humans have a superpower if we’ll tap into it. The anomalies didn’t magically come out of the womb that way. Through hours of intelligent practice and apprenticeship the greats – Mozart, Einstein, Galileo – did things no one else could do. Become a Master of Your Craft. This book will show you how. 

Get in The Rhythm

You’re probably out of rhythm and Matthew Kelly can bring you back into sync with yourself. There is a rhythm to how things should be and out of that rhythm you can live a life more abundantly. Rhyme intended…

Exercise and The Brain

ADHD, Depression, Pregnancy, Anxiety, Alzheimers, what do all of these have in common? They affect your brain and consequently how you think, feel, and act. Do you know what else does? Exercise. In this book find out how to capitalize on the changes to the most organ affected by exercise — the brain! Change your mind. Change yourself!

Growing as a Father

Personally, I’m working to be a better father than I had. Rick Johnson does an amazing job passing on the wisdom of fatherhood to give very practical advice on that endeavor. This book cant stand in for the role model you should’ve had, but it can immensely.

On Becoming a Father

While there are so many things you can’t plan for in the journey of becoming a father, there are many things you can. This book was a life-saver packed with everything from finances and diapers to sexy and intimacy it gave me something to do with all my nervous energy while my wife was growing our first baby.


Become a Better YOU

The Defining Dad Bod Podcast, brings my 12 years of fitness industry experience and no-nonsense commitment to the SCIENCE of health and fitness (as opposed to the fads) to your listening convenience. Through monologues, dialogues, and Q&As I hope I can inspire a cultural change that impacts the next generation positively. #Definingdadbod 

Thinking Differently

Free Domain Radio was begun by Stephan Molyneux and has become the biggest philosophy conversation in the world. Bitcoin, biology, non-violent parenting, politics, relationships — Literally no topic is off-limits in the realm of arguments. Very influential, down-to earth, and challenging. 

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